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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Workshop

Brian & Brigitte Okamoto

Certified Laura Heine Instructor

PO Box 5631

Kalispell, MT   59903




Are you ready for some fun???


Your Laura Heine Collage Retreat is just about here!!  I am super excited to meet everyone.  I thought I would take a few minutes to give you a list of suggested supplies – these are the supplies that Laura Heine uses for her technique.  There are other brands of the items, but the ones I use in my teaching classes and retreats are the ones she recommends.  If you have your pattern available ahead of time you can look on the back of the pattern at the supply list she has for that exact one.  This is a no sew project (unless you decide to sew your background together ahead of time).  Feel free to e-mail, text or call me with any questions you may have.



  1. Karen K Buckley Scissors – blue handled serrated scissors
  2. Cheap scissors for cutting steam a seam apart (they will get gummy)
  3. Old rotary cutter (will get gummy)
  4. Cut n Press mat for work station (or small cutting mat and ironing mat)
  5. Iron for work station
  6. Small ruler (3” x 12”)
  7. #2 Pencil (not mechanical)
  8. Sharpie pen
  9. Goddess Applique Pressing Sheet
  10. Tweezers for moving small pieces around
  11. Large fabric selection (fat quarters work perfect)
  12. Steam a Seam 2 (NOT LITE)  We do not recommend any other fusible.  Amount depends on pattern selection
  13. Pattern Ease – Cut to size of your project
  14. Laura Heine pattern (try to keep it under 45” x 45” if this is your first one, or if space in class is limited) 



BACKGROUND:  You will need to decide ahead of time if your background will be one single piece, several pieces sewn together, or if you are going to collage the background.  If you choose to have one single piece or one that is sewn together, please have that ready to go by class time.  If you are going to collage the background bring a good selection of different fabrics you will use in your background.  Figure out the final size of you project and bring enough to cover that area.  If you are collaging, try to bring about 8 – 10 different fabrics for the background.  Also keep in mind that you can choose any type of background you want.  If the pattern calls for a sewn background, or a single piece background, you can choose to collage it instead, and vice versa.

UNDERLAY:  This is the fabric that will be used to build on your Pattern Ease and is the base color of your design.  For example, use blues if you are doing Old Blue.  These fabrics should have some design in them as they will peak through between the motifs.  You will need a wide selection of colors and patterns (depending on how detailed your pattern is).

MOTIFS:  These are fabrics with flowers, shapes, etc. that you will be cutting out and placing on top of your background and underlay to blend the collage together.  You will need a little bit of a lot of fabric choices.  How many will depend on the size of your project and how much you want to collage. 



There isn’t much to do as far as preparation.  We will spend the first few hours of class putting the Steam a Seam 2 on our fabrics.  If you choose to do this step ahead of class, that is fine, but I will not start teaching the next step until the majority of the students are done ironing theirs on. 



Below is a list of suggested patterns for this retreat.  You can choose any of her patterns but realize you may not finish it in class.  I have found the Teeny Tiny size (16’ x 20” are perfect for a first project.  (Please remember these patterns are copyrighted and it is illegal to copy, reproduce or have them copied and downsized.) 

            Black Cat                                Cloth Sloth                            Collage Glam Clam

            Confetti                                  Cora                                        Doodle Doo

            Ebba                                       Emerson                                 Flaura

            Frieda                                     Hen Rietta                             Hip Hop

            Honey Bee                             Making Fish                          Mini Havanna

            Mini Pincushion                   Nick                                        Oh Deer                                             Old Blue                            Paisley                                    Peppermint                           Pheasant                                Pink Pump                             Poki                                        Purrfect                                  Special Delivery                     Teeny Tiny #1                                   

            Teeny Tiny #2                       Teeny Tiny #3


I will have for sale, many of her kits.  I will also have lots of fabric squares available for purchase at $1 each.  Of course trading with other students is also an option. 


See you shortly.  I know you will have a wonderful time and will get hooked on collaging and will look at fabric a whole different way.  Remember, you will not need a sewing machine.  Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Brian & Brigitte Okamoto                                        

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Workshop

$ 140.00
Mon, May 20, 2019 at 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tue, May 21, 2019 at 9:00 am to 4:00 pm